P-300 personal photo printer is a fun, easy-to-use, one-minute photo printer, producing high- quality instant prints directly from all Olympus digital cameras, without taking a trip to a photo store. The P-300 photo printer provides continuous-tone color for high-quality photos comparable to printers costing thousands of dollars. With an Olympus digital camera and the P-300 printer, the user has everything needed to create a complete home or office photo lab.The P-300 prints directly from any Olympus digital camera, or from a computer through the serial (Macintosh) or parallel (Windows) port if users want to retouch and manipulate an image before printing.

And now you can find here driver also for Linux (yess! :).


(c) 2002 Michael Mráka <Michael.Mraka(at)linux.cz>


Tue Aug 10 06:04:27 PDT 2004

This project is definitely closed down. If you are looking for P300 driver go to Gimp-Print project.

Gimp-Print project supports number of dye-sub photo printers made by Olympus, Canon, Sony, and Fujifilm.

Tue May 20 08:15:58 PDT 2003

P300drv has now been integrated to gimp-print (wow! :). Before new version of gimp-print with olympus driver will be released you can download gimp-print-4.3.14-olympus.diff and compile it yourself.

Tue Feb 18 2003

Version 0.9 released. Download here olympus-p300e-0.9.tgz

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